Lightroom 1.1 Is Here

After many weeks of rumors and innuendos, Adobe has officially released the 1.1 update to Photoshop Lightroom. I gotta tell you, even though this is a dot-1 update, it’s major. First off, it includes an update to Camera Raw so now Lightroom has all of the cool things in Camera Raw 4.1 – Clarity, Sharpening, improved Noise Reduction. It doesn’t stop there though. One of the single most popular questions I get about Lightroom is how to move your library from a laptop to a desktop and vice-versa. Well 1.1 has a new catalog export feature that allows you to do just that. Plus, it’s now got Windows Vista support too. Now do you want the really good news? It’s free (that is if you already own Lightroom). So go now (NOW!) to Adobe’s website to download the Lightroom 1.1 update.

More NewsYep, there’s more. My brand new online training course is now live at Actually, the DVD will be shipping in about a week or two as well so you can choose whichever method is best for you. I’ve gotten a ton of requests for this so I’m really excited about it. Here’s how it works. There are 21 video lessons (plus some bonus stuff). They’re all around 5 minutes each so you don’t have to sink a whole lot of time into learning Lightroom. In the video lessons I walk you through the major features in Lightroom in a workflow order – from Import straight thru to processing, then to Photoshop, and finally to the output features in Lightroom. NAPP members get it for $49.99 (the public price is $69.99). There’s nothing like it out there now so check it out. Visit to find out more.