Kick Butt Little Lightroom Tip For Brightening Skin

Happy Friday, everybody. Here’s a quick little tip that is really helpful if you want to brighten your subject’s skin — not just their face — all their skin, and without having to paint or mask. Works in Lightroom Classic or LR Cloud version. Here’s how it works:

There’s only one step: In the Develop module, scroll down to the HSR / Color panel; click on the Luminosity tab, and then drag the Red and Orange sliders over to the right. Those two sliders control the brightness of the skin, and dragging them to the right brightens things right up. Conversely, dragging them to the left would darken the skin.

Note: These sliders do have an effect on all the Reds and Oranges in the image, but I’ve been using this trick for a while and I haven’t run into many situations where it affected the rest of the image so much that I couldn’t use it. Wanted to give you a heads up either way.

Have a great, safe, dry weekend everybody!


P.S. I’m heading up to the NECCC Photography Conference later this week – I’m speaking Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you’re going, I hope you’ll drop by and say hi. 🙂