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Joe McNally Photography

If you’ve never seen his work before then here’s a special treat. Joe McNally has been photographing for the National Geographic Society since 1987. Chances are, if you’ve lived on this earth for any period of time since ’87, you’ve seen Joe’s work somewhere. In addition to his work for National Geographic, Joe shoots for Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, Life, Time, Fortune, New York magazine, Geo, the New York Stock Exchange, Target stores, Sony, GE, Nikon, Lehman Brothers, and PNC Bank. He has also worked on numerous Day in the Life photographic book projects. With a client list like that, Joe could get away with being a little arrogant but let me tell ya – he’s not one bit. He’s an amazing photographer, a master of lighting, and just one heck of a nice guy too. I’ll be teaching some workshops with Joe at the Goin Wild Workshop ( later this year – I can’t wait! Check out Joe’s portfolio here.