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It’s “Lightroom Tip” Friday!

OK, technically it’s called “Photo Tip Friday” but my tip today is a Lightroom tip that works for both LR Classic and cloud, and it’s quick and easy. Check it out) below.

Hope you found that one helpful.

My Full-length Adjustment Brush Course

Here’s a link to my brand-new full-length course on Lightroom’s Adjustment Brushes we just released last week. Here a few of the comments on the course so far:

“Always struggled with getting range masking into my head, this made it so much easier”

“Scott has to be the best instructor ever! Style, pace, humor, information, it’s all in there and I love it. Even going over the basics, like the Adjustment Brush, I learn new things or am reminded of things I had long forgotten but that are super useful!”

“The color range mask helped me the most. I usually use the luminance mask. Again, thanks”

“Great course. Learned all about how to really use this tool.”

“I have watched many platforms, other sites, etc. Can I just say you have to be the numero-uno! I hope you never retire regardless of how soon that might be. Your teaching methods go above and beyond for the somewhat newbie, beginner, there is simply nobody else like you, not even a contest! I am only in the 2nd video and many times I have thought, the way this guy articulates and explains everything. I don’t have the words, or maybe I just did. I have watched you for years…AND I AM IMPRESSED every time!”

“Loved the course. Always learn something new and useful. Always appreciate your humor and presentation, Scott.”

I hope you’ll give it a look if you want to get really good at one of Lightroom’s most powerful tools (I actually cover the Adjustment Brush, The Radial Tool, and the Graduated Filter [called the Linear Gradient in LR cloud]). Here’s that link, again.

Next week, it’s the “Wildlife Photography Conference”

It’s not too late to come join us next Tuesday and Wednesday (with an optional free pre-conference session the day before). Here’s the link for more details and info, and I’m putting the official trailer below (ya know, just in case). 😉

Have a great weekend, everybody. Stay happy and healthy, and I hope you make lots of great images!


P.S. I’m the guest on this week’s Dead Pixel Society Podcast, and we talk about everything from how the iPhone is affecting the camera industry, to how the pandemic has effected working photographers (and more). Lots of fun (and you can let it play in the background).