Imaging USA Report

Here’s a Quick Imaging USA Report:

– First off, let me say thanks to all of the great people that stopped by the Kelby Training booth at Imaging USA. I can’t tell you how cool it is to have so many people introduce themselves and say that they visit this website all the time. I gotta tell you, it never gets old. Anyway, I also taught a few sessions at the booth as well as a filming a live Photoshop TV show yesterday. Click here to see a photo taken during one of my sessions (photo by Scott Kelby). Of special interest was the tutorial I did on Photoshop TV. All I’ll say is that you’re in for a treat next week for the next “Preset Monday”. Here’s a sneak peak.

– Lightroom is still the buzz. It was interesting because this time last year there were still a lot of folks asking about Aperture vs. Lightroom. This year, I never even heard the “A” word. Seriously, not even once.

– Wedding Albums were huge! Everywhere you went there were wedding album vendors, software packages, and anything else dealing with albums.

– Another trend I noticed was an abundance of questions dealing with the web. So much so that I’ve also written a post today called “Web Wednesday” that deals with your options for the web when it comes to Lightroom.

– As usual at these shows, I felt totally honored to be in the company of some of my heroes in the industry. In fact, I think one of my most memorable moments came during the dinner that Kelby Training hosted at Maggianos Little Italy on Monday night. I sat with Joe Glyda, Eddie Tapp, and Ken Sklute. Our dessert arrived and I pulled out my Canon G9 as a joke and asked Joe (who is Kraft Foods official photographer) to light the chocolate cake. Next thing I knew, there were 2 cell phones, a candle as a backlight, and a white napkin held up as a backdrop. Joe McNally came over to direct and David Ziser was just itching to add a bride and groom to the scene to make it complete. Here’s a photo of the calamity in action (Joe Glyda on left, then Eddit Tapp, and Ken Sklute).

That’s it for the Imaging USA report. Once again, thanks to everyone who came by to say hi.