I’m Trying Out Something New At My Portland Lightroom Seminar Today

I’m in Portland, OR today getting ready for my Kelby Training Lightroom Live seminar. I usually start out the day with how to import your photos into Lightroom. Over the years, not much has changed so I’ve been teaching it in relatively the same way. Well, last week I was showing some one how to get their photos in to Lightroom and where to store them. After seeing where their hangups were (and witnessing these hangups over the years so many times), I thought of a different way to teach importing your photos. So I’m going to try it out in the seminar today. I’ll still show the way you’re “supposed” to do it, but then I’m going to show this method and see what the audience thinks. If it’s a success, I’ll make sure I do an article or class on it. If it’s a failure, well, I’ll swear them to secrecy and you’ll never hear about it again 😉

If you’re interested in any of my one-day Lightroom seminars I’ve got a few coming up before the end of the year (these are all I know of for now). You can sign up over at the Kelby Training website.

• Ft. Lauderdale: November 6, 2013
• Sacramento: November 15, 2013
• Seattle: December 6, 2013
• Jacksonville, FL: December 13, 2013

Have a great weekend!