I’m Teaching Photoshop Compositing Secrets At PhotoPlus Expo in New York

If you’re in the New York area around October 24-26, then you need to check out the PhotoPlus Expo. It’s a huge show one of of the industry’s hottest events of the year. And while you’re there, you should check out my class Photoshop Compositing Secrets on Thursday from 4-6pm (smooth transition into pimping out my class huh?) 🙂

Also, I was honored that Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, and iconic image maker (and super nice guy) Brian Smith, put together a “Best Of” list of classes not to miss while you’re at the expo and included my class. Brian’s compiled a killer list of talks you should consider watching, from editorial photography to helping build your business, so make sure you stop by his site and check it out.

Anyway, if you’re interested in the class, it’s basically taking the techniques I teach in my best-selling book, Photoshop Compositing Secrets and adding a live spin to them. While I love writing, there’s so many little tips, tricks and techniques that I just don’t have the space to write about. But when I’m teaching it live, it’s wide open and I can add them in as well as new things I’ve learned since then.

Date: Thursday October 24th

Time: 4pm – 6pm


I hope to see you there!