I Totally Trashed Yesterday’s Tutorial. Totally!

What made it worse is; I’ve written about it before (including in my books), and yet when I wrote it from scratch yesterday, I totally whiffed. Epic crash and burn. Totally my fault (and thanks to Rob Sylvan, and folks in the comments), who pointed it out.

Here’s what I missed — I skipped the part where you need to make a virtual copy before converting everything to B&W.

So, here’s what you would do (to actually make it work).

  1. When you’re in that first Collection; Select All and then press Command – ‘ (PC: Ctrl – ‘) to make virtual copies of all the images in that collection, or right-click and choose ‘Create Virtual Copies’ as seen below. NOW make a New collection (Command-N on Mac: Ctrl-N on PC) from those selected virtual copies (they will already be selected for you)
  2. Go back to your original collection and simply hit Delete to remove those virtual copies you no longer need in that collection.

That’s it. Now you have a separate collection you can convert to Black and White (using the technique from yesterday), it’s now actually separate from the originals so they stay in color in that original collection.

Sorry I messed that original post on Monday up (ugh!) and thanks again to Rob and the commenters who caught my mistake. Much appreciated. 🙂