Happy (kinda) 8th Birthday Lightroom!

Hey everyone. We’re taking a quick break today from our regularly schedule “I’m Giving Up Photoshop” post for a quick birthday wish for the very program we’re on this site for. Yep, it’s Lightroom’s birthday (well, kinda).

On January 9th, 2006 Adobe launched the first beta for Lightroom. When I first saw the date I had to look twice because there is absolutely no way that it was 8 years ago. But it was (that’s freakin’ crazy to me). I mean, my 10 year old son was only 2 then. Crazy!

The beta was Mac only and I can still remember the forums blowing up online with the usual flame wars, that mostly happen in forums, about it being Mac only 😉 On July 18th later that year, they released a PC version of Lightroom. Finally, early the next year on January 29th, 2007 Adobe announced Lightroom 1 would be shipping on February 19th, 2007. But I technically count the first beta as the birthday because that’s when everyone first got a glimpse of the program that would change our photo editing for many years to come.

So I’d like to give a big congrats to the Lightroom team from Adobe for continually developing the kick-ass program that they do. It’s what makes this blog possible, but more importantly, it’s a program that has revolutionized photo editing for so many people out there. Everyone from pros running a full-time wedding business, to brand new photographers using their first camera, use Lightroom because it’s made photo editing so simple. It’s really cool because I see it every time I teach a seminar. People come up to me and just lose their mind all day long at how easy (and powerful) Lightroom is. And how it’s ignited their love for photography and made working with their photos fun again.

I’d also like to give a huge thanks to all of you for helping contribute to the community and friendships I’ve developed here on the blog over the years. Happy Birthday Lightroom! Can’t wait to see where the next 8 years takes us! 🙂

PS: I’ll be back tomorrow with another “I’m Giving Up Photoshop Month” post to close out the week. I think you’ll really like the photo example I picked for the day too 🙂