Guest Blog Round 2 at Scott's Blog

Once again I have the honor of being a guest blogger today on Scott Kelby’s blog so make sure you check it out and leave a comment there for me. (let ’em all know you’re a Lightroom Killer Tips visitor!)
Last time I had about a month to prepare for my guest blog appearance, but this time some last minute things happened and I only had a day. Luckily I already had a topic I was just itching to write about and this turned out to be the perfect place for it. I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t read it already, but let’s just say that it’s somewhat controversial and puts many of the things that we’re taught in Photoshop (heck, even I teach those things) into question. I also posted a quick tip about removing the old beta Camera Profiles so make sure you check out the next post. See ya!



  1. Ritusharn 10 April, 2010 at 02:45 Reply


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  2. Stew 4 January, 2009 at 11:32 Reply

    Call me a dolt, but I can’t find the link to that specific post on Scott’s blog? Your link was to the entire blog so I looked back through the archives and couldn’t find anything on Dec 17th with your name in the title or attributes. Could you share the link please?

  3. Enzo 21 December, 2008 at 23:24 Reply

    Why have I lost the lightroom link to the image batch processor in Adobe PS
    and is there a way to get to get it back ??


  4. Matt 19 December, 2008 at 09:45 Reply

    Hi Mike,
    I got that from an Adobe seminar I taught at a couple of years ago. I’m afraid I’ve never seen them since though so I don’t think they actually sell them.


  5. Pamela 19 December, 2008 at 05:53 Reply

    After reading your guest blog I feel liberated!! 6 years of religiously working non-destructively, as taught by Scott & you & others, I can now free myself of this horrible guilt whenever I erase, merge, flatten!! Don’t let this out (I have a reputation to keep), but recently I began tempting fate by merging layers of major cloning with the background!! *gasp*. But the sky has not fallen, yet (though we had quite a bit of ice last week here in Maine:) and lightening has not struck.

    I am not quite ready to give up the 16 bit files though… I still have room on my 8 external hard drives :}

    Thank you !!

  6. Mike 18 December, 2008 at 10:15 Reply

    Hey Matt,

    This is an off the wall question.
    On a recent Kelby Training video you were wearing a t-shirt with all the Adobe software logos on it. Where did you get that?


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