As you know I always like to wrap the week up with a tip (or two). First off, I’ve gotta say thanks to all of you that came out to my Lightroom session at Photoshop World last week. It was amazing and the feedback was outstanding. Thanks!
Tip #1: Here’s a neat one to use when cropping or straightening. See, when you crop an image Lightroom pops up a grid over your photo to help you crop. It’s the Rule of Thirds grid by default, but there are others available. To see them, just press R to get into Crop mode. Then, while cropping, press the letter O to cycle through all of the crop overlays. There are a few quirky ones in there that you’ll probably never use, but one that I really like is the detailed grid. It helps a lot when straightening photos, as oppose to the rule of thirds grid, which is a little too spread out. Give it a try though. By the way, if you’re one of those who just hates the overlay altogether (and I know there is at least one of you out there), just press Ctrl+Shift+H (Mac: Cmd+Shift+H) to hide them.
Tip #2: This is more of a link then a tip actually. Check out Adobe’s Lightroom home page. I typically think of company’s product home pages as lame with just a bunch of marketing, but this one is a bit different. Sure, it does have its fair share of marketing, but it’s also got some free tutorials and stuff. Some tutorials are by yours truly, but there’s plenty of other stuff on there from some great trainers and photographers. Your best bet is to skip down to the 3 tabs at the bottom under “Learn More About Lightroom”. Check it out here. Whew! That’s it for the Friday tips update. Have a great one!