Lightroom Tips

Friday Tips – Easy Way to Switch Folders

Well everyone, it’s the last official “tip” post of the year so I’d better make it a good one. I’ve actually thrown in a couple more tips that I learned this week but they have nothing to do with Lightroom. So, you can just scroll to Tip #3 if you want the Lightroom tip.

Tip #1) Guitar Hero is your enemy. My “kids” got this game for Christmas. Little did they know I would soon commandeer it. I have to say, playing it has taken an inordinate amount of my time during the week. I’d easily have blogged several more times had it not been for this game. Stay away from it.

Tip #2) Running a marathon is your enemy. I know this first hand because I’m training to run the Disney marathon in Orlando, FL on January 13th. The last month of training gets pretty unbearable since you’re running longer distances and it takes a lot out of you. Again, I’d easily have blogged many more times had I not been recuperating from 18+ mile training runs over the last month. So my tip is, don’t run a marathon. It sounded like a good idea 4 months ago, but not anymore. It’ll all be done in a couple weeks though (that’s what I keep reminding myself of).

Tip #3) OK, the real Lightroom tip. If you don’t know about this one you’re totally going to love me for it. You know when you’re in the Develop module and you’re processing your photos. What always happens? You want to go to another folder and work on another folder right? Well, there’s really no easy way to do this. Basically, you’d go back to the Library, then click on the Folder, then find the photo, then go back into the Develop module. Well check this out. Right below the toolbar but above the Filmstrip (at the bottom) is a small filter area. In this area is a path that shows you what folder and photos you’re looking at. Next to it, on the right, is a small down-facing arrow. If you click on it you’ll see a list of recent folders and collections that you’ve viewed. Click here to see a graphic of what I’m talking about. Then just choose the folder or collection you want to jump to and Lightroom will take you there without leaving the Develop module. Come on… you’ve got to admit that’s cool. It can seriously cut down on the time you spend bouncing back between modules. Well, that’s it for my Friday tips. I gotta’ run – I’ve got a gig (that’s Guitar Hero speak for game) to play 😉 Hey, what can I say – my fans need me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.