Quick Tip #1) Here’s a tip I picked up from talking with Scott Kelby about the Quick Develop area in the Library module. One good way to work with Quick Develop is to use it to select a bunch of questionable photos that you’re not sure if you want to delete when you’re in the Library. Maybe they have a bad color cast or poor exposure and you’re not sure if they’re worth bringing back. Well with just a few clicks in Quick Develop you can check. Then if you think the photo warrants some further tweaking you can bring it into the full Develop module. If not, then you’ll know you can delete it.

Quick Tip #2) Ok, it’s not as much of a tip as it is an FYI… Some of you may know I’m part of a video webcast called Photoshop TV. Well, we were up in New York earlier this week and got to participate in the live announcement of the entire CS3 product line. We got interviews with some really key folks in the industry and had a great time as well. Scott posted some photos from our time there on his blog so check them out.

Quick Tip #3) Now this is not a tip in any way, shape, or form. I just wanted to keep with the whole tip theme thingee that I’m doing – sorry 🙂 Anyway, next week I’ll be up at the Photoshop World conference in Boston and I’m teaching as part of the Lightroom track at the conference. Make sure you stop and check it out or just stop and say Hi if you’re going to Photoshop World. Have a great weekend.