Lightroom Tips

Friday Tip – Upsizing in Lightroom

I was just looking through a copy of Mikkel Aaland’s Photoshop Lightroom Adventure and I learned a cool tip that made me think of upsizing in a different way. Until now, if I’ve had to upsize a photo I’ve always gone to Photoshop to do it, mainly because I could control the interpolation method used to upsize. However, after reading through his book I learned that Lightroom (File > Export) uses the Lanczos kernal interpolation method (after all, who doesn’t 😉 ). Now, after the glazed look falls from your face (yes, I too have no idea what the Lanczos kernal method is), let me explain it this way. Basically, this means that Lightroom’s interpolation method is really good. In fact, one of the engineers behind Lightroom said that when it comes to upsizing, it’s as good as, or better, than Photoshop’s. So next time you upsize, use Lightroom’s File > Export feature instead of going to Photoshop. Have a great weekend!