Lightroom Tips

Friday Tip – T.A.T. Shortcut

You know those little Target Adjustment Tools (affectionately known as TATs) that are in the Tone Curve panel, as well as the HSL and Grayscale panels? Well, one thing that bugged me for quite a while was always having to select them in order to use them over and over again. That is, until I found the keyboard shortcuts. Now, you may thinking that’s a no-brainer right? Nope. The keyboard shortcuts for the TATs are not where you’d think they would be (actually, I have no idea where they “should” be). They’re under the View menu. If you’re in the Develop module, go to View > Target Adjustment. You have to hold down the Alt-Ctrl-Shift (Mac: Option-Cmd-Shift) keys and then just hit the letter you want. H for Hue, S for Saturation, T for Tone Curve, etc… It’s a small thing but it sure made life easier when using Develop for me. Enjoy!