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Follow Up – How Should I Teach Lightroom

First off, there’s a tip for today in a post right below this so make sure you scroll down to read it. Next, thanks very much for the kind words many of you said in your comments yesterday. And even if you didn’t agree with me, everyone was really civil in the way that they did it. Here’s what I’ve learned and I feel we can now put the discussion to rest:

1) I’m going to keep teaching the way that I do it.

2) If the way that I do it entails something that costs extra money (Photoshop not included – see #3 below), if possible, I will try to make brief mention of the free way. But I’m not devoting a lot of time to it.

3) I’ve realized that I need to be clear on something that I may have taken for granted before. Photoshop is definitely absolutely 100% part of the Lightroom photo-editing workflow. Any videos I do that deal with “start to finish” stuff WILL include Photoshop, so be prepared for that. I don’t even consider trying to do it all in LR because I’m assuming you have PS. If you don’t (and can’t afford it), then pick up Photoshop Elements at $79 which does a heck-of-a lot too. Either way, all of my retouching and detailed work will continue to be done in Photoshop.

4) If I do use a third party plug-in as part of my editing and the video covers that, I will make mention of it in the blurb about the video to let you know ahead of time. This doesn’t include Photoshop (see #3 above).

5) Maybe I need to write a mission statement for Lightroom Killer Tips (that sounds so corporate of me doesn’t it?) 😉 Anyway, in the meantime one thing to realize about this site is that it’s not just Lightroom. As my friend RC said, sometimes the “killer tip” is what software or what else you should do “with” Lightroom – not necessarily something within Lightroom itself.

Once again, thanks for your time yesterday. Have a great weekend.
– Mr. Kloskowski 🙂