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Fading Lightroom Presets

I’m in Houston, TX getting ready for my full day Kelby Training Lightroom seminar tomorrow. I always get a little anxious the night before, especially since I haven’t used Lightroom in about 2 years (totally just kidding!). If you are at the seminar though, make sure you stop by the front and say hi. I always enjoying meeting people from the blog. OK, on to the tip for today. A blog reader turned me on to this clever little Lightroom plug-in. It’s simply called, The Fader. Kinda like Darth Vader but without the Darth and the V is really an F in this case. So, maybe not just like Darth Vader, but close 🙂

Anyway, it does exactly what it says. It fades presets. If you’ve ever applied a preset and like the effect, but just think it’s a little “too much” then that’s where The Fader comes in (insert deep echoed breathing here). You pick a preset and then move the slider to tone it down a bit. That’s it. Here’s the link to download it.