Editing in Lightroom Classic’s ‘Reference View’

If you just read that, and thought, “What’s Reference View?” then this short video from Benjamin Warde is for you! 🙂

Thanks, Benjamin!

Only 4-days ’til the Worldwide Photo Walk
It’s not too late to join a walk near you (and with 900+ walks around the world, there’s probably one near you). It’s free and fun, and you might win something cool. Here’s the link to find a walk near you.

Have a great Tuesday everybody!





  1. mark 2 October, 2018 at 08:40 Reply

    Another great little tip. I was thinking about all of the tips you have brought to us via coffee break. I remember a lot of them but it would be great if you had an area that you could post a list of coffee break videos? Maybe there already is an area. Keep up the good work Benjamin.

  2. Dennis Zito 2 October, 2018 at 07:34 Reply

    Hey Benjamin/Scott,

    Wow! I’ve used LR since version 1 and I completely missed this update! In fact, it is going to come in handy on a project I’m working on! 🙂

    Thanks a bunch!


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