Draft Mode Printing
If you’ve seen the Draft Mode setting in the Print module but aren’t sure what it’s for let me try to shed some light on the topic. Let’s say, for example, that you’re making a print for a client. In that case you want the best print possible and print speed isn’t usually the top priority for you. That’s when you’d want to make sure you turn Draft Mode Printing off. Now, let’s say you’re printing out a contact sheet so you can quickly review or catalog your photos. Well, the photos in the contact sheet aren’t necessarily large enough to require a full quality version of the photo for print. In this case, then turn on Draft Mode because it won’t matter. The photos will be small enough so you’ll never know the difference and, best of all, the print speed is incredibly faster since it’s not rendering full quality versions of the photos. Give it a try. The Draft Mode option is in the Print module on the right panel toward the bottom. Happy printing!