I just ran across this site the other week. Truth be told, I found out the site mentioned my Photoshop Elements Restoration and Retouching book and I’m a sucker for repaying favors to people who mention my books. : ) I’m kidding! Well, a little at least. Seriously, I do love to repay favors, but I wouldn’t mention this site if I didn’t just spend the last hour going through all of the archives on it. The site is called Daily Photo Tips and it has just what the title says – daily photography tips. The owner, Daniel Watkins, does a great job of doing this. It may not be everyday but I’ll tell ya’, it’s pretty darn close. Plus there’s a great variety of info — from camera tips to digital processing, all the way to cool products and links that Daniel finds. Make sure you put this one on your daily to-do list. Click here to visit the site.