Or, actually…I should call this a “Cooler” tip, because it’s a follow-up to a tip I did here back in February on how to choose the “before” image you want by right-clicking on any state in the History and choosing to make that the “before” image (particularly handy if you’ve converted to black and white and want to see a before image from when you converted to black and white, instead of your “before” image being the original color image). Here’s the link to that tutorial.

Anyway, one of our readers here, Chris Flynn, mentioned an even cooler tip in the comments, and it was so cool that I thought I’d make a quick video tutorial so you could see it in action – it works really well (and it was a tip I absolutely did not know). So, here’s the video (it’s short) below:

A big thanks to Chris Flynn for sharing this tip here with everybody. 🙂

One more thing:
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Have a great Tuesday everybody!



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