Confused About Lightroom/Photoshop Sharpening?

Hey everyone. I’ve been wanting to do a class on sharpening your photos for a while now and I’ve finally got some breathing room to get it done. I hope to record the class later this week but I need your help. Basically, I want to make sure I cover the stuff you want to know. I’ve even got a little reward for your help.

In a nutshell the class will go like this:
1) Tips on capturing sharp photos (very quick though, this stuff isn’t rocket science).
2) How to keep your sharp photos sharp while working in Photoshop (basically what you can and can’t do that will harm or degrade the photo).
3) How to make your sharp photos sharper – I’ll talk about the different types of sharpening (capture, creative, output), the various sharpening tools in both Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop, and some sharpening techniques for different types of photos.

I’d like to get your input though. What kinds of questions do you have? This isn’t going to be the super-techie class. I don’t expect it to be more than an hour or so. I’m not going to talk about a sharpening “workflow” or anything like that because that’s overkill. Sharpening should be simple, and I want to make it simple. But I also want to make sure I cover the things you want to know.

As a reward, just for trying to help, out I’m going to randomly pick 5 comments (only legit comments though) and give you your choice of a 1 month subscription (which is where this course will reside) or a signed copy of my new Layers Book (which should be out next month). Sound good? Thanks in advance for your help.