Lightroom Tips

Come join me in Banff National Park

I wanted to invite you to join me for a killer, 4-day photo/Photoshop workshop in Banff. I’ll be teaching Photoshop, Lightroom and the whole digital workflow process alongside two world-class photographers, Neil and Susan Silverman. Here’s how it works:

Morning: Wake up for an early morning sunrise shoot. Then head back to the hotel for breakfast and a break.
Mid Morning: Head into the classroom to learn how to process those photos. Since we’ll all be shooting, we’re going to go through the entire workflow process using Lightroom and Photoshop from start to finish.
Afternoon: Break for lunch and relax. Then head back into the classroom for photo critiques, photography lessons and more Photoshop.
Early evening: Head out for a sunset shoot and then dinner with a great group of people.
Next day: Do it all over again, but this time we delve even further into each topic.

Folks, these workshops are incredible. I can personally attest to the fact that you will leave the weekend with more knowledge and inspiration then you thought would come from just a few days. Not to mention we are shooting in one world-class location. The mountains, trees, and glassy lakes in Banff are said to be some of the best in the world. So come on out and join me and the Silvermans for 4 inspiring, fun, and photography-changing days. You can find out more at (scroll down to the bottom to see my class). As you’ll see from the workshops that are near in the future, these classes will fill up, so sign up soon to get a spot. Hope to see you there.