Chromatic Aberration Day

I’ve seen a few questions lately on using the Chromatic Aberration settings in Lightroom. Honestly, I don’t use ’em much. I’d end up spending more time finding a photo to demo with then I would recording a tutorial on how to use the settings. So instead of doing that I figure I’d point you to two places to learn more about it. I think both are brief and to the point which is one of the main things I look for when learning.

1) The Adobe Wiki
2) Michael Clark’s article on Chromatic Aberration tricks (make sure you check out the two links he mentions in it as well)

Happy Chromatic Aberrationing! And remember, if you’re seeing aberrations in your photos and they’re not chromatic then you may have bigger problems πŸ™‚


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  1. Elo, I’m new. Thought I’d say hi.

    See ya! πŸ™‚ and Thanks alot

    (sorry if this is the wrong thread to post)

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  3. Nice post. deserves an oscar.

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  4. Hi Matt
    Have you or your buddies at Adobe any idea why some NEF images look fine in view NX but acquire a purple fringe when imported into Lightroom?

    The images is a clasic high contrast situation, an aircraft against a bright sky with the shot exposed for the aircraft and the fringing runing arround the edges of the aircraft.

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  5. Yay chromatic aberration! LOL – you can tell by my studio name it’s something I’m quite enthralled by and happy to see it addressed SOMEWHERE! πŸ™‚

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  6. Hello Matt and all the readers,

    As a professional photographer Lightroom was my perfect workflow. With several photographers we tested many photos on chromatic abberation. The strange thing is that Lightroom 2.2 and CameraRaw do not solve chromatic abberation but they produce abberation and purple fringing! There is no proper way to solve this with the sliders. The only thing what happens is that you make an abberation in the opposite color instead of removing it. If you test photos with much contrast or lights in Lightroom or competitive software you’ll see that other programs don’t show the chromatic abberation. I’d wish Lightroom had a solution because the interface rocks for me. But quality is more inportant so I hope Adobe will do their best to make me use LR again. I know this problem holds back many photographers.

    If someone already did manage to solve this problem please let me know.

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  7. Butch, make sure you’re viewing the image at 100 percent (1:1) to see the effects of noise reduction. The last time I used n/r in LR, it was a very subtle effect, nothing like what you could achieve in Noise Ninja and other dedicated n/r programs.

    Hope this helps.

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  8. I don’t understand how the noise correction works. I tried it on a picture taken of fireworks on the 4th of July and didn’t notice any change. All comments will be deeply appreciated.

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  9. Hey Matt, this is actually related to a past tutorial on print presets and your pano preset. Not sure what I am missing, but how do you create your own. In photoshop and then import them into the presets? And how do you know what sizes to start with? Thanks, Cindy

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  10. First.. Your Blog is great Matt.. Just received this week your layers book… So far I’m diggin it.

    Second I also vote for LR -> MPIX… Wait I beg and plead!! If will help..

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  11. I third the LR -> MPIX request for guidance by one Mr. K. πŸ™‚

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  12. Thank you so much Matt for pointing me in the right direction concerning this Chromatic Aberration issue. I’ve lost countless hours of sleep over this….

    Happy Chromatic Aberrationing to you too !!

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  13. I do use this feature and it I like it. I don’t do it in all workflows but if there is a shot I really want to tweak then I put it through lens aberration correction. Not all lenses are perfect (none) and benefit from some tweaking in software even my Leicas and defiantly my zooms (even L series) especially at zoom extremes. It’s there to use, don’t forget the option key.
    Thanks Matt!
    CS in tropical Australia.

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  14. I second Paul’s request. Exporting to a print service is a grey area for me too. Thanks Matt

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  15. I hardly use the Charomatic Aberration. I even tried it before but cant even tell the difference but only with the Lens Vignetting that shows the edge of highlight. There is nothing to be use for. I’m very eager to learn more stuff with lightroom. Keep up the good job!!

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  16. Matt,

    Not sure this is the place for request, but here goes:

    Any chance you could put together a segment on going from Lightroom to say MPIX.COM? MPIX has some recommended settings (250 dpi e.g.), but I was wondering if you had a process in place that could be useful for some us that would cover photo preparation before uploading to MPIX.

    Thanks, Paul

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