BREAKING NEWS: Canon Announces New Full Frame Mirrorless (and I’m out at the launch event)

Aloha from Maui, Hawaii – we’re here for the launch of Canon’s just-announced full-frame Mirrorless camera, and I’ve got all the news, first impressions and stuff like that over on my blog today. Here’s the link:…orless-the-eos-l/

Also, we’re doing The Grid LIVE today from Maui!
We’ve got the tech guys from Canon on the show tomorrow to answer your questions live on the air, along with special guests Fashion Photographer Lindsay Alder, and Video guru and YouTube sensation Devin Supertramp. 

That’s TODAY at 4 PM EDT
Catch it at either or on my Facebook page at

Lots to share from here in beautiful, Hawaii. See you then!


P.S. Last chance to grab that last open spot that opened up for my travel photography workshop in Rome, Italy in just three weeks. Come and join me in Rome! Here’s the link with details.