Back from Arizona

The Great American Photography workshop I hosted in Arizona is over and I’m back in the office. I’m bummed because we had a FANTASTIC group of people. But I can’t lie… I was really happy to actually sleep in and not see the sun rise today 🙂 Here’s a shot (click for a larger version) of a few people from the group (we had 15 total). It was taken in the lower Antelope Slot Canyon and it was one of the killer highlights of the trip. At the top right is David and myself. At the far left is “sit down” Steve, then “f/5.6” Wayne, and finally Chuck all the way at the far bottom right. If you’re wondering why there’s no photo credit here it’s because I actually took the photo. Yep, I used my wireless cable release (field tested to nearly 100 ft. – it rocks!) and it worked like a champ through the whole workshop. Good times were had and great friends were made and I can’t wait until the next workshop. I’ve gotten a number of questions asking just when that is. They’re in the process of being planned so I’ll make sure to mention them here as they’re finalized. I just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the workshop and to our host photographer LeRoy DeJolie, for taking us off the path to find some incredible photographing opportunities.