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Auto-Hiding Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush Pins

Happy Tuesday, ya’ll. Here’s another great 60-seconds or less tip from long-time Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde, and it on a very handy feature (one I use always) for when you’re working with the Adjustment Brush. Check it out:

Thanks, Benjamin!

Hope you have a-rockin’ day!


P.S. I’m bringing my Lightroom seminar to Washington DC
I’ll be there in August with my full-day Lightroom seminar, but before then I’ll be in Raleigh and Lansing. Hope you’ll join me for the day.



    • callmebob 26 June, 2018 at 15:54 Reply

      Say you choose the radial filter. If you have auto on, you see all of them when your mouse is in the frame – roll out, they hide. If you only want to see the one you’re working on ? You click it to make it active – then roll your mouse out and back, it alone shows… you don’t see all the others of similar type (radial, gradient …)

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