Lightroom Tips

An Interesting Tidbit/Tip On Lightroom Trial Versions

I’m not sure if you knew this but today is national Get a Friend to Try Lightroom Day. I know most of you reading the blog here probably already have Lightroom. And most have Lightroom 5. But I wanted to post this in case you either A) Don’t have Lightroom 5 yet, or B) Know some one who may have tried Lightroom at one point, but doesn’t have the trial anymore.

See, a little known fact on Lightroom trial downloads is that it resets every time there’s a “dot” release. So when Lightroom 5.1 came out you could download Lightroom and try it for 30 days. If you’re like most people though, the trial download phase goes like this:
1) Download and install trial version
2) Get busy with other things after you install trial version and never really get to try out the software
3) Get ticked when your 30 days is up because you never tried the software and now your trial is expired.

But since Lightroom resets the trial version for every dot release, that means you could download the Lightroom 5.2 trial and use it even if you’ve already downloaded the Lightroom trial for a previous dot version. I mention this now because Lightroom 5.4 came out a few weeks ago. So if you (or anyone you know) tried Lightroom before, but never really got to kick the tires like you hoped, you can go re-download it and try it out again. Just wait until you think you have a few weeks to really give it a try though before you install it 🙂