Just figured I’d let you know (if you’re at Photoshop World) that Adobe actually has 2 booths on the expo floor (Booth #455) at Photoshop World. I’ll be at the 2nd booth around 3:30 on Sunday for a while too. The 2nd booth is next to Westcott’s “Shootout Bays”. The idea is that you shoot some photos of the live models (lit with Westcott’s lights) which is an awesome experience in itself because of the creative sets that Westcott produces. Then take your images right next door to Adobe’s lab, upload them to Lightroom 4 and play until your heart’s content. You’ll even be able to submit your favorite photo to Adobe and they’ll pick 3 winners who get a copy of Lightroom 4 and one grand prize winner who will get CS6 Design Premium when it ships. Sweet!!