Adobe Did a “Panorama Fest” Post and It’s So Good!

Josh Bury did a how-to post on Adobe’s own blog about Panoramas and it’s really, really good — so well written, illustrated, and just plain helpful (shout out to LRKT commenter/LRguru Lyle Stavast for the heads up).

It’s part of Adobe’s “From the ACR Team” series, (ACR being the acronym for “Adobe Camera Raw” which is part of Lightroom — it’s Lightroom’s Develop Module, which is Photoshop’s Camera Raw, or vice versa). Anyway, Josh’s post doesn’t just cover Panos but also Lightroom’s HDR Pano feature, and even how to shoot Panos. It’s a seriously great post — so worth checking out. Here’s the link.

Busy week next week!

On Monday on I’m on location in a beautiful classic old theater doing portraits of a ballerina for a new KelbyOne online class I’m teaching on lighting for intermediate-level users. I’m using my latest Profoto gear and covering a lot of cool stuff – can’t wait to share it with everybody.

I’ve got a really busy, but super-fun weekend planned for me the family. Hope yours is a great one, too! See ya next week!:)


P.S. Photographers in Los Angeles — I’m heading your way in just a few weeks (Wed., March 25th) with my latest seminar. Come on out, you’ll learn a ton of really super helpful stuff (well, that’s what the folks who have already seen it are saying). Here’s the link — this is my only LA stop on this tour; don’t miss out.