A Super Quick Way To Convert Your Photo To Black And White

Hey everyone. Here’s a great little tip for you if you want to see quickly see what your photo looks like as a black and white, without going to a different panel and messing with sliders. Ready… just go to the Develop module and press the V key. Yup… that’s it. It does the default black and white conversion, and gives you a good idea of whether you’d want to process the photo any further as a B&W. If you like it, then head down to the B&W panel and make some more adjustments. If not, just press the V key again and it’ll take you back to the color version of the photo. Here’s an example:


Have a great weekend!


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  1. In LR6 the V key shortcut to change to B&W works in Library mode also.

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  2. just tried this with LR5 and it didnt work! did adobe discontinue this shortcut? i know it worked in LR4.

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  3. matt-just happen to look if htere is a book out like scott kelby’s ws yrs ago in pe 4—yei got lightroom installed in my is3 but missed my class to some unfortunatly circumstances-can u help

    marianne h atlanta ga

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  4. This proves what Mrs Dibbly has been (lovingly) telling me for years: I’m an idiot. 🙂

    Seriously, though, this is a great time. Nice way to end the work week. Thanks!

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  5. Hi Matt. thanks for the tip. Actually I’ve been using it since Lightrrom 2. It also works with the Library module.

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  6. Even quicker, press the V key in the Library module.

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  7. Very cool … Thanks Matt! In the past, I always made a virtual copy and then did the B&W conversion. This gives one less step … Nice!


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  8. Actually, you can use the V keyboard shortcut directly within the library grid view – saves the hop to the develop module 🙂

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  9. Is not necessary go to the Develop module, press the V key is ok in Bibliothéque module.
    Sorry is not english. i am french.

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