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A little inspiration (and stuff) to hold you over

It’s a short week for me so here are a few things to hold you over the long weekend.

1) First, pay a visit to Rodolphe Simeon Photography. His photostream over at Flickr is generating quite a bit of traffic and his website has some really great photos on it. Definitely worth visiting.

2) A while ago I posted a link to Elizabeth Carmel’s fine art photography website. Well, she’s updated the look and added some new stuff on there so you’ll want to re-visit when you get the chance. If you haven’t seen it – well, make sure you take a look. She’s got some fantastic work.

3) Finally, I know most of you have probably seen this site before so consider this as a gentle reminder to go visit it again. It’s the Strobist and if you’re looking for a Thanksgiving weekend project, then reading through the old posts on this site will keep you busy for the duration. Great site! I don’t visit every day but when I do visit I wind up killing a couple of hours and even get some inspiration about new projects to try.

Well, that’s it for the Wednesday inspiration update (and other stuff). Happy Thanksgiving!