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A Few More Dates for David Ziser's Tour

Hey folks. I’ve mentioned David Ziser’s Digital Wakeup Call tour before and I just wanted to let you know there’s a few more dates left. Of course you’ll learn lots of stuff about shooting weddings but David is also a master at Lightroom and he’s got some great things to share when it comes to the production end of things. Here’s his website and here’s a write-up I did a while back after attending his seminar. If you have the chance to go, its definitely worth it.



  1. Brad 12 November, 2009 at 14:31 Reply

    I attended David Ziser’s DWT in Philly and I couldn’t disagree with Marc more. It is specifically designed for wedding photographers, so others may get info that does not apply to their photographic field. Such as album design, and tips for working with vendors. He talks fast and covers about 6 hrs of material in 4hrs of time. Which is fine for me (we all talk fast in Philly!). He includes many insights to running a successful business. I must say for $59 you can’t beat it! He does promote products which are very helpful and time saving for our field. But they are at a great value. I would highly recommend going unless you don’t wish to: better your business, better your skills, gain confidence, or present a better product.

  2. Marc 9 November, 2009 at 17:26 Reply

    I went to D. Ziser’s Digital Wakeup Tour in Baltimore, and it really felt like I was in an infomercial. There were a smattering of useful tidbits dispensed in between all the merchandising, but I felt it was not time well spent. I’m sure he has a lot more to offer, but it seems the crux of this “tour” is merchandising, not teaching. However, I would say that if Mr. Ziser ever gets tired of the photography field, he’d make a swell game-show host!

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