A BIG Lightroom Seminar Thanks!

There’s an actual Lightroom-learning-related post below this one, but I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended my Lightroom seminars last week (in Chicago on Monday and New York City on Wednesday). I had two of the best crowds that a live instructor, standing in front of hundreds of people, could possibly hope for. On Monday we had over 400 people in Chicago and on Wednesday we had nearly 700 in New York. Both seminars went over great and I seriously didn’t have one person that stood out to me as not happy with the day. Everyone really seemed to enjoy it. In particular I’d like to thank:

• The two guys sitting in front of me in Chicago who kept giggling all day. I thought my zipper was down or something 🙂

• The woman sitting in front of me who kept asking questions (even though I kept saying I can’t answer them during class and that I’d get to them at the break). I gotta hand it to her persistence 🙂

• The kind kind kind kind gracious woman who lent me a D300 battery. Yes, I charged my battery (for the live shoots) in the morning. But what I didn’t know is that if you leave your camera tethered to the computer it keeps a constant connection going and drains your battery quickly. I thought it would automatically power off, but nope… I was wrong. So I got to the last shoot of the day with a dead battery and she had one up there for me in about 10 seconds. Thank you! (Lesson learned: Shut camera off after shoot)

• The guy up front in New York who actually started to get up for me when I said I needed a model to shoot who didn’t mind being nude 🙂

• All of you who were honest enough and raised your hands, when I asked if you really do indeed show your family and friends all 700+ photos from your vacations (and not just the select few keepers).

• And…Everyone who came up just to say hi, shake hands and tell me that they dig my training (hey, who wouldn’t like that right?!) 🙂

Thanks again. I’ll update you with any seminars or workshops coming your way as soon as I get some dates. For now, Photoshop World is my next stop at the end of September. We’ve got an entire track dedicated to Lightroom for all 3 days so make sure you check out the website. See ya!