3 Uses For the Radial Filter from DPS

What do you do when you’re in Richmond, VA and are busy getting ready to teach your Lightroom seminar the next day? You point to some one else’s post 🙂 I just came across a post on Digital Photograph School and wanted to share it. Ever since it came out I’ve thought the Radial Filter was one of the coolest tools to hit Lightroom, and this post shows a few ways to use it. Here’s the link to the full post by John Davenport.

Also, if you’re in the Cincinnati area later this week, I’ll be heading there tomorrow evening to teach at the Pro Photo Expo 2014. There’s a huge list of instructors (some of my favorites) like Brian Smith, Jerry Ghionis, Stacy Pearsall, Bill Fortney and Sandy Puc to name a few. I’m hoping I get some time to check out their classes too 🙂 Here’s the link if you want to find out more about the show. Hope to see you there!