3 Keyboard Shortcuts for People View


As a person who does a lot of pictures of people, I am very excited to get into tagging them in People view in Lightroom CC. Here are three shortcuts that I think will speed up that process for you.

O and G : The G key will always bring you to Grid view in Lightroom – so we already know that one. The O key will bring you into People view. If you have your people scanning turned off in Activity center, this is the only time that the scanning will take place.

Shift O: Once you have a stack of images collected in either the named or unnamed section, you’ll need to name them. You can do that by using Shift-O on the selected stack and it will let you enter text for the name.

Alt Drag the Stack: Lightroom will automatically add faces that it believes are similar into a stack of images. If you would like to see what those faces are, alt drag on the stack and it will scrub through the list.

S or Hold S: If you press the letter S on the stack, the stack will expand. Pressing it again will collapse the stack. If you press and hold the S key the stack will stay open for as long as you keep it pressed – a welcome function 🙂

Author: RC Concepcion

RC is an award winning photographer and author of the best selling books “Get Your Photography On the Web” and “The HDR Book” by Peachpit Press. He is an education and curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, hosts the popular podcasts “Photoshop User TV” and “Photography Tips and Tricks” An Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom, RC has over 14 years in the I.T. and e-commerce industries and spends his days developing content for all applications in the Adobe Creative Suite. RC also worked with Adobe in to write the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4, and Lightroom 5. He has held training seminars in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, and has served as guest instructor for the Digital Landscape Workshop Series with Moose Peterson, Advanced Flash Photography at Jade Mountain with Joe McNally, His Light workshops with famed landscape photographer Bill Fortney, and the Voices That Matter web conference in San Francisco.

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  1. Is there a way to manually tag a person that Lightroom didn’t identify?

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  2. This is very useful. Shortcuts saved a lot of time in my life.

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  3. I frequently INADVERTENTLY am hitting some key to open People View for which I have absolutely no need. I’ve tried to find online how to avoid turning People View on and to find how to turn it off. I can find no relevant info on this.

    How can I get rid of this unwanted intrusion into my work flow. Under LR>Catalog Settings I have face detection UNCHECKED.

    Can someone advise on this ?

    Thank you

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  4. Very nice information provided by you ! I’m a new visitor here and I’m happy to view your page.

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  5. Does anyone know how to remove some photos from face recognition?
    I have many group photos where i dont care of naming the persons.
    I cant find any options for that..?

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  6. Another tip is to mark multiple pictures of the same person (when Lightroom hasn’t stacked them) and then clicking the checkmark with the mouse – this will approve all the marked pictures at once.

    This is good when sorting by “suggested name”.

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  7. When LR sees several images of the SAME PERSON but doesn’t stack them, how can I stack them if I don’t know the person’s name? It would help unclutter the “Unnamed People” area if I could MANUALLY stack unknown people based on what MY EYE sees, and come back later when I have a name.

    Does anyone know if this can be done yet?

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    • What I do, is that I give them a nickname. Then I can ignore them in the future, or I can change the name when I learn what they are really called.

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  8. As a person who does a lot of pictures of people, I am very excited to get into tagging them in People view in Lightroom CC. Here are three shortcuts that I think will speed up that process for you.

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  9. Anyone happen to know how to force LR to find all faces again in a folder?
    I wanted to clear all name-suggestions in a folder by selecting all pictures and clicking the “this is not xyz” button on the bottom right. As it did not seem to react immediately, I clicked again, only to find that all “face regions” had disappeared. I would like to find a way to force LR to do another facial recognition on the folder. But I have not found a way to accomplish that apart from doing it manually pic by pic.

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  10. I’d be grateful for any tips or best practices for naming (literally) tens of thousands of People from a Lightroom catalog I recently imported into LR CC. My issue is that upon identifying a person or people in the Unnamed People view, Lightroom spins its wheels and is unresponsive for 5-10 seconds. If there was some way to defer whatever it’s doing at that moment so I could just name a few People uninterrupted, it would save a HUGE amount of time.

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    • I was experiencing long delays after tagging a stack of people. Switching from sort by “Stack size” to sort by “Popular Names” removed the slowdown for me.

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    • Select a smaller group of images, I did mine by year (about 3-5K images per year) instead of All Photos. Responds reasonably well on a 50K image catalog then. Also when you have a few people in the system select them, and look at the Similar faces search it does – usually very quick at getting 80-90% of the images of that person done in 10-20 clicks.

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