3 Keyboard Shortcuts for People View


As a person who does a lot of pictures of people, I am very excited to get into tagging them in People view in Lightroom CC. Here are three shortcuts that I think will speed up that process for you.

O and G : The G key will always bring you to Grid view in Lightroom – so we already know that one. The O key will bring you into People view. If you have your people scanning turned off in Activity center, this is the only time that the scanning will take place.

Shift O: Once you have a stack of images collected in either the named or unnamed section, you’ll need to name them. You can do that by using Shift-O on the selected stack and it will let you enter text for the name.

Alt Drag the Stack: Lightroom will automatically add faces that it believes are similar into a stack of images. If you would like to see what those faces are, alt drag on the stack and it will scrub through the list.

S or Hold S: If you press the letter S on the stack, the stack will expand. Pressing it again will collapse the stack. If you press and hold the S key the stack will stay open for as long as you keep it pressed – a welcome function 🙂