Here’s a few things that I found worth a quick visit this week.

• I get asked a lot about Lightroom and Capture NX. I thought this article summed up some pretty good points on the topic, especially when it comes to working with large amounts of photos.

• My World Wide Photowalk Page is up and I’ll be doing my photowalk in Safety Harbor, FL. If you live in the Tampa area then be sure to sign up.

• The Turning Gate has a new Lightroom web gallery (TTG Highslide) that looks pretty cool. It’s got a client proofing mode as well as a slideshow mode in it. Check it out here.

• An interesting read over at the Lightroom Secrets website on single/multiple catalogs.

• My new HDR DVD is out. It covers mostly HDR but there’s some Lightroom integration/workflow included on it as well. Again, most of it is Photomatix and the HDR process. Here’s the link.
NOTE: The DVD is the same as my online training course at KelbyTraining.com

• For some inspiration for the day, check out Jeremy Cowart Photography. He’s an entertainment, travel, and portrait photographer and I think you’ll enjoy looking through his work. I liked everything I saw there, but the Music category really caught my eye.


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  1. I have the same issue as Ron, like Jackie I’ve double checked all my settings. I find the only fix is to save from PS to Tiff and then convert to JPEG with some other program! If anyone ever figures it out let us know!!

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  2. I also have the same problem as Ron, and it’s not because I’m in 16bit. EVERYTHING is set right, but I still get the program error message when trying to save as jpg. Makes batch watermarking a pain!

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  3. I have the same problem as Ron. Any fixes?

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  4. I don’t know about your other readers but todays little tip is going to save me some serious time editng my photos. thanks a bunch!

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  5. @ Ron – I think you are jumping out of LR and then editing in 16 bit. Try image > mode > 8 bits / channel and see if that helps.


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  6. Hey Matt,
    I am a young photographer, 17, who is looking for a good way to organize my photos in Lightroom. I like to maintain a single catalog, but I don’t know what is the best way to organize pictures in lightroom and in folders. Currently, I am organizing by year>month>day and then the pictures are in that folder. Then, I try to keyword pictures based on events. For some reason, my windows computer does not embed the keywords into my pictures when I ask. So when I try to find pictures when I am not in lightroom, they are really hard to find. Anyway I can fix that? Let me know if you have any tips for organization. Shoot me an email when you have the opportunity. BTW: Thanks for the inspirational website. Your catalog post instigated this comment 😉

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  7. cont from previous post,

    it is only when i save as jpeg format, i can save as psd, but if i then try to go back to jpeg i get the cant save due to program error.

    again only if i do a local adjustment to a photo.


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  8. hi matt,

    got a question for ya.

    i have noticed an issue when working on photos in photoshop that i processed in lightroom 2.
    after converting in lightroom and then opening in photoshop, doing some photoshop stuff and then trying to re-save the photo, i get an error in photoshop. the error reads cannot save due to program error. it doesnt happen to all the photos, but only to the ones that i did local adjustments on. ( brush or grad ). is there a reason for this? i am using CS2. its kinda annoying to have to select all copy and make a new file then paste and flatten and then save as.
    any ideas?

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  9. Hey Matt,

    Great inspiration for the day…..Jeremy’s work is brilliant. Thanks for the link 🙂

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