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Simple, Yet Smart ‘Color Labels’ Idea From One of My Readers

After taking my survey yesterday, Andy Ramsay, posted a comment with the...

Results from Yesterday’s Lightroom “Tagging” Survey

Here’s the surprising results (well, one result was surprising) from yesterday’s “Which of these three ways do you tag your Lightroom images” survey.

Follow Up: Insetting One Photo On Top of Another In Lightroom

This is quick follow-up to Monday’s post where I show how to create the optional “Photo inset” that I mentioned in that post. It’s really quick and easy (hope you give it a try).

Will You Take a Quick One-Question Lightroom Survey?

Would you mind taking this super-quick, one question survey about how you tag your images in your Lightroom workflow? Should only take about 15-seconds, tops.

Follow-up to Yesterday’s Lightroom Mobile Post From Lightroom Guru Rob Sylvan

Great follow-up to my post yesterday — Rob talks about moving Raw files over to Lightroom Mobile.