Lightroom 2014 Calendar Template Presets

Hey everyone. Later this week I’m heading to teach my Lightroom seminar in Seattle. We’ve got almost 500 people signed up so it’s getting full but you can still probably grab a seat if you’re in the area. Now for some presets. The past few years I’ve featured some killer Lightroom Calendar Preset templates from blog reader, Ed Weaver. A few years ago, Ed contacted me with some calendar graphics that he created specifically for creating Calendar Print templates in Lightroom. Once I saw his sample image I immediately said to myself, “I wish I thought of that! I wonder if he’ll notice if I steal ’em and call ’em my own?” :) Totally kidding on the second part. I do wish I thought of it but I didn’t. Luckily Ed has been kind enough over the years to continue developing them, and to let me share the presets here on the blog. And just like last year, he went above and beyond and included all of his source files and directions on how to use them.

Before we go any further, here’s an example with all 12 months. You can also create 1-month templates using Ed’s presets as well. So basically, you can choose all 12 months on the page, or just 1 month at a time (click to see it larger):

Okay, here’s what to do:

1. Here’s the link to Ed’s website. There’s a Calendar Presets link at the top but more importantly, you should check out Ed’s photos. He’s got some beautiful stuff.

2. Download the 2014 Calendar Templates – Go to this page. There is a Zip file at the bottom of the page. This is the zip file with a folder called Lightroom Templates. Install them in the Print Module NOT THE DEVELOP MODULE. Again, read the User Manual if you need help with it.

3. Calendar JPGS – These are the actual graphics for the calendars. Just import them like you would any other JPEG, PSD or photo into Lightroom.

4. 2014 Calendar Pages – If you want to tinker and tweak the actual source files you can use this download and use the Pages app.

Installing the presets is a little bit different than normal so make sure you check out Ed’s User Manual included in the zip file. Also, Ed created the calendar templates using Pages, and he even added the source files if any of you want to look inside or tweak ’em.

If you like these, I’d sure appreciate it if you share this post on your Facebook, Google+, Twitter accounts, and anywhere else (you can click the links below this post). Also, please stop by Ed’s site, pay him a visit and say thanks. I said it last year and I’ll say it again. Let’s give a big round of applause to Ed Weaver for continuing to put the work in to sharing these each year. That’s what makes running a blog so cool. It’s the interaction and ideas that come from the people who visit it. If there’s anything that I’m incredibly grateful for as this year comes to a close, it’s the support I get from all of you. Thanks Ed, you ROCK! I appreciate it and I know everyone here does as well. As always, let us know what you think. Enjoy!


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  1. Once I finally got the template downloaded, I too had difficulty with the instructions. Ultimately I figured them out. But then wasn’t too thrilled with the final product. BUT … because of this I figured out a new way if doing my own calendars that I make every year, so for that I’m thankful for this guy.

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  2. I had similar issues, including problems with the instructions, also including some kind of encryption problem and I was never able to import into LR – for the second year in a row. I did receive a kind e-mail response from Thomas Ljungberg (Aurora blog), but I had already downloaded Red River Paper’s free templates that I had success with, so I did not need his help after all.
    You might want to check out RR’s templates. Go to Red River and go into their Projects tabs, go to calendars and you’ll find everything you need there, including some great semi-gloss paper that is working out very well for me (I’m using the 8.5×14, folded and stapled in the middle. My long reach stapler is the best thing I’ve purchased in a long time). Good luck. Sara

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  3. I can’t begin to follow the instructions. They bear no resemblance to my Lightroom 5 CC version. He begins by saying drag the calendar jpgs to Lightroom…..where is Lightroom? Does he mean the program folder? It does not ask me for any location or sub folders either. Also does not allow me to import the templates in the print module….all sorts of error messages. Finally got around I think by manually copying everything to the program folders and importing the jpegs. Very frustrating.

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  4. I have been trying for over an hour to do something that should be very simple. I’ve added the templates to the print module and have all of the images imported and in a collection. In the Print module, I’ve set my page size to 17×22 and then clicked the “Calendar 17×22 Portrait 1 Month” template which adds the two cells to my page. I can then add January and a picture to this page. What I cannot seem to do is add a new page for February. When I click “New Page” in the Cells panel, I get a new page that is blank. When I click the template again, it reverts back to a single page and I don’t have the calendar or picture images in it any longer. Seems there must be a way to have a 12 page print job where I can apply the template to each page. What am I missing?

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    • Well, I answered myself. Couldn’t figure out how to add a new page using the template so I created my own with one page for each month at 17×22.

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  5. Same problem as last year. I downloaded from Ed’s site, there’s a problem with encryption, or something, but the files do appear on my desktop. I drag into LR folder, still some kind of problem, and the files are not recognizable by LR. The files are on my desktop and I can open via PS (and could most likely import into LR), but I cannot import into Print Module. Any advice? “A problem is preventing this folder from being encrypted” is the issue.

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  6. Thanks for this and all of the other great tips and presets. Very helpful!

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  7. Found the solution. Ed Weaver pointed me in the correct directions. My Page Settings did not match the template I had selected and it affected what was displayed

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  8. Anybody else having an issue with the templates in Lightroom 5.3?

    If I open Calendar 13×19 Portrait 12 Months in the print module, I only see 1 big holder with 2 smaller ones in the bottom (actually the rest is there as well underneath the 2 samller ones) I can start moving them, but I would assume that I should not position anything when I use the templates. Happens on some of the other as well, that the positioning seems wrong. Holders covering each other.

    So anybody else experiencing similar issues

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    • Ugo, Nice work! Thanks for sharing the link!


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  9. AWESOME!!!!

    Thank you. I make calendars every year for my family and have been using PS Elements. I’m planning on uninstalling PSE soon and was wondering how I’d do this next year without getting a new s/w or reinstalling PSE.

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    • I suppose I should have tried to download and install the presets before my first comment.

      I can’t seem to download them. I’ve now tried twice and keep getting an error. When I went to extract the folder it said, “your folder is empty and cannot be extracted.”

      Am I doing something wrong?

      As a point of reference, I’m downloading the zip file on a computer without LR and then moving it to a computer with LR. Do I need to be downloading the file to the computer with LR???

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  10. I have imported the templates for the calender design but get a message “The template file is not the right template” for the 12 month templates, any ideas?

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  11. Thanks for these Matt, I have a Question for you though, in the Print Module we can put our Name/Logo etc in the Identity Plate and print it with this on the photo from within the print module, but is there a way to export the image out off lightroom with this on it to get it printed at a lab, or do I need to edit the image in Photoshop/Elements to be able to do this.
    Cheers, Terry

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    • Hi Terry,

      If I understand your question, there is a way to do what you’re trying to do. In the Print Module, after you have it all set up with your logo, name, etc. instead of sending to the printer save it to a file. Here’s how. Under Print Job in LR at the very top right it says “Print to:” on the left side click on the up/down arrows and select JPEG file instead of Printer. LR will then save your print job as a JPEG file. You can then send that to your print shop or mess with it in PS. I hope that is what you were asking.

      Have a good one.


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  12. hey. nice tip!
    the only thing I wonder is what kind of paper is best for printing? At home I only have an basic printer and if printed at a photo lab the price will probably be the same as if I order a calendar directly form the lab

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    • Hi Matt-

      I’m getting ready to produce calendars for 2015; any chance you might be putting together something like this for 2015 soon including a set of templates for the CD Case sized calendars, 4.75 x 5.5?



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