Lightroom Presets – The “300″ Look

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I’m getting ready to teach my Lightroom 3 Live seminar in Arlington, Texas today. As always, my invite stands – if you’re coming to the seminar please come on up and say hi at some point. It’s great to see the faces behind the blog.

Now to the Lightroom presets. This one is another update. Sure the movie it was based on (The 300), isn’t new but I still see the style of this preset used all the time. You’ll notice there are 2 presets in the zip file. One of them is for a harsher stronger look (good if you’re looking for that gritty effect). The other one is for a softer look (better for portraits that have women in them).

Here’s a quick Before/After (click for larger image):

• Click here to download Matt’s 300 Look Preset

19 Comments to “Lightroom Presets – The “300″ Look”

  • How about a stop in Milwaukee?

  • I adore your presets and all your work! Thank you for everything.

  • I’ve been using this preset for I think over a year, and it is probably one of my favorite LR presets ever. Thanks so much for putting your work out there and accessible to everyone :)

  • I like it!!! thanks

  • Thank you so much for sharing! They work great on a bride I just photographed.

  • Thanks for these, Matt, they’re terrific!!!

  • Arent these two the same ones you posted already like 1-2 years ago, or are they somehow different?

  • Matt, have you released your print collage template for lightroom as a preset yet? (It was in your Lightroom overview video). I’d be happy to get that!! Thanks :)
    See you in G+!

  • Thanks for stopping in Texas! Loved your Lightroom 3 class. Wanted to thank you for doing such a great job but you had a line of people asking questions. Great class and filled in some blanks for me on my Lightroom workflow.


  • Hi, would you mind posting a quick link to where to save the presets in the LR?

  • Hi!
    I’ve downloaded this, and some others of your presets. They look great!
    Perfect as basis for personal adjustments. : )

    I’ve submitted some photos where I’ve used your presets, to my DeviantArt profile.
    I gave you some credit too! : )


  • If you notice a little clear gel like rim around your subjects then turn the fill light slider down some

  • Thanks for the post! I have problems with photo import organization too! I import them to my external hard drive at the same time I import them to LR like you had suggested in a previous video, but thy just seem to get thrown into LR haphazardly even though they are going onto my drive correctly, (into its category, and subfolders,etc) Thanks for all the great info here and at kelby training!

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