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It’s ‘Pitch Your Outdated Backup Catalogs” Friday!

If you have a bunch of backup copies of your catalog, today’s the day to set yourself free! (that sound way more dramatic than this tip really is).

Another Hidden Little Feature in Lightroom Mobile’s Camera

The hidden Exposure Compensation feature — it’s really well done (much more precise and better implemented than Apple’s version)

Automatically Matching Exposure Across Multiple Images

It’s Tuesday, and we have another awesome tip from Lightroom team...

I’m Back, and It’s Time for a Quick Lightroom Tip

Here’s how to make Lightroom show both your RAW image, plus your JPEG image as two separate files (for those folks who shoot RAW + JPEG on their camera).

Adding Overlays To Lightroom’s Loupe View

There’s lots of info you can view superimposed over your image — Ben Warde shows you which ones, and how.

Tip For Seeing a Better Color Preview in Lightroom’s Split Toning Panel

Here’s a great little tip on how to see your Hue at full Saturation, without dragging the slider to full Saturation. It’s like a preview of your color, and it makes it much easier to choose the Hue you’re looking for.

Everything Else in Lightroom, Part One (and a shortcut or two!)

Psyched about my new class on all those little techniques I get asked about so often that are really important, but not long enough to be a class by themselves. But…what if you took a whole bunch of those and put them all together in one class? Ahhhhh, now you see where this is going. 🙂

Lightroom Maintenance Update Release

This update contains support for new cameras, along with new lens profiles and bug fixes.

Auto-Hiding Your Side Panels to Give You More Workspace

Want more room to see your image? Don’t care if panels are popping in/out when you least expect it? 😉 Check out this video from Ben Warde 🙂

Direct Access to Your Sync’d Lightroom Collections On The Web

Happy Monday, y’all. Just a quickie to start off the week –...