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Sharpening in is Lightroom Mobile. Noise Reduction, too! They’re Just Kinda Hidden.

Sharping and Noise Reduction — they’re both been in Lightroom...

Lightroom CC Gets An Update Today, Too!

Lightroom for the Desktop got an update today, too! Both Lightrooms (iPhone and otherwise) got updates. It’s “Double-update Thursday!”

Lightroom Mobile Update: New UI, Powerful New Camera App, Other Stuff!

I love what Adobe has done with this update, including an awesome new User Interface update!

Time for a Lightroom Coffee Break: Sharpening with the View Mask Feature

It’s Lightroom Coffee Break from Adobe’s own Benjamin Warde who shares a really great, somewhat hidden feature, that is incredibly useful when it comes to sharpening. You’ll dig it (and the tip is just 60-seconds long).

Kristi Sherk’s Awesome “Portrait Retouching in Lightroom CC” Class is Here!

Kristi Sherk’s new class on retouching in Lightroom is crushing it!!! Check out the official trailer (then go watch the class). All the links and stuff are here.

We have Our Five Photoshop CC Book Winners

Here’s the list of the winners of my new book – check to see if it’s you! 🙂

How to Deal With Clipping in Lightroom, and…

Here’s how to deal with one of the biggest image problems we face as digital photographers: Clipping. Plus, why sometimes your camera tells you an image is clipping (you get a highlight warning), but then when you open the image in Lightroom, they clipping is gone.

I’m Giving Away Five Copies of My New Photoshop CC Book (and here’s a handy LR shortcut, too!)

My new book is nearly here; I’m giving away five free copies; the official book trailer is here, and I even threw in a Lightroom Keyboard Shortcut just for good measure. Now, you gotta read this post, right? 🙂

How To Move Lightroom To Another Computer (and not get burned!)

There’s one little thing that if it’s not just right, Lightroom will use track of where your photos are. Here’s how to sidestep that problem.

Lightroom Coffee Break Tip: Easily Update Local Adjustments with Multiple Sliders

Another awesome 60-second video tip from Adobe’s own Lightroom shark, Ben Warde. You’ll dig it.