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It’s Time For Another Custom Print Layout Template (and a free download, too!)

Here’s a tutorial for creating another custom print template (and a free download of the template, too!). This one features one main image, and three smaller images aligned right below it.

How To Save a Collection As a Favorite

Welcome back, and I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!...

How The “Flow” Control For The Adjustment Brush Brings Awesomeness

This is why the Adjustment Brush’s Flow slider is so awesome! Really, that’s it.

Seven Really Handy Lightroom Shortcuts

You know what would really start your week off right? Learning Seven new Lightroom keyboard shortcuts. Hey, even if you just picked up one you didn’t know, it’d still be worth it, right? Right! πŸ™‚

Quick Tips for Using Lightroom Print Templates (and other useful printy stuff)

I’ve got a quick video for ya with lots of stuff about Print Presets, and I answer some questions from Wednesday’s post. It’s worth checking out. Really. No, seriously, I am not making this up.

How to Create a Beautiful Custom Wedding Book Page Print Layout

I’ve got a cool FREE downloadable Print Template for you, and a quick video on how to create the layout from scratch (and how to install the preset).

When Negative Magnifications Can Come In Handy

This is a way handier tip than it sounds – you’ll be surprised how useful Ben’s tip today about negative magnification really is. Good stuff!

Where’s Today’s Post? Well, It’s Drifting Somewhere In The Caribbean

Hi Gang: I’m just wrapping up a quick vacation trip with the fam, but...

Creating Your Own Custom File Naming Templates

Great little video from Julieanne about creating custom file naming templates. This is really helpful stuff.

The New Issue of Lightroom Magazine is here (plus my new Lightroom Q&A eBook)

The new issue’s here, and I’ve got a new Lightroom ebook that’s free for KelbyOne members. yay!