My Interview with Scott Kelby

I know what you’re thinking. Today is Friday and Friday is tip day. Well I have a tip. In fact, there are two today. But I’ve left it up to Scott Kelby to give them to you (they’re at the end of the video). If you remember last week I posted Dave Cross’s interview with Scott Kelby about Lightroom. Well, I said to myself, “Self, how come all of us here at Lightroom Killer Tips were left out of the interview loop?”. So I set out to find Scott and rope him in for an interview. Turns out he’s my boss so I don’t have to go looking too far to find him since he usually finds me first. That said, I did get him away from the daily to-do list for a video interview. As you watch you’ll hear references toward his new Lightroom book (which, by the way, I saw today and it looks awesome!) as well as the brand new Lightroom Live 2007 tour he’s doing. If you’re interested in either of those here are the links:
Click here to see the video interview. (25 Mb)
Click here to check out Scott’s Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers
Click here to find out more info about the Lightroom Live 2007 Tour


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