It’s The Last Episode of The Season for “The Lightroom Show”

Hard to believe it’s been 13-weeks already, but here it is — Episode #13, and our final episode of our standard 13-week season (all our weekly shows run on a 13-week season schedule, except for “The Grid” which runs every week, even when it shouldn’t).

Anyway, we tried to end the season with a bang, so there’s all kinds of juicy tips in this one, and it’s packed start to finish with Lightroom goodness.

We’ll be back in four weeks to kick off Season Two. In the meantime I hope you’ll check out our sister show, The Grid (our weekly photography and industry talk show with the same hosts as The Lightroom Show — it’s RC and me), which is broadcast LIVE every Wednesday at 4pm ET at this link. 

Thanks for all your support on getting this new show off the ground. Thanks for all your feedback, ideas, and suggestions, and keep sending them our way — we have an entire season to plan. 🙂


-Scott & RC

P.S. If you’re a KelbyOne member, make sure you’re checking out all our new Lightroom CC online classes — we released 15 new classes, including our in-depth series, and we really want to keep you on top of all the new stuff (plus, we cover some new topics that will work for any version). If you’re not a KelbyOne member yet, you can join for just $19.95 a month or save a few bucks and get unlimited access to everything (all the classes on photography, Photoshop and Lightroom), for just $199. Worth checking into. Here’s the link with details. See ya Monday. 🙂

Author: Scott Kelby

Scott is the President of KelbyOne, an online educational community for photographers, Photoshop and Lightroom users. He's editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, Editor of "Lightroom magazine"; Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference & Expo, and the author of a string of bestselling Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography books. You can learn more about Scott at

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  1. When I connect LR with my Facebookaccount, I can not see my Fb albums in the publishing service area of Lightroom. Autorisation is OK. Does anyone know what is wrong ? I tried several times …

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  2. Back in May you said: “We’ll be back in four weeks to kick off Season Two.”

    It’s nearly August now. Any idea how much longer those “four weeks” are going to be?

    Not a criticism – just missing the show!

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  3. Where are episodes 3-5? I see #1, 2, and then 6 through 13 but the videos in the playlist for the Lightroom show have “commercials” where episodes 3, 4, and 5 should be.

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  4. Great first season. I’ve been recommending the show via my weekly photography newsletter and at photography workshops and courses that I run.

    Here’s something for season two for you…. I know you often say how powerful and great Lightroom mobile is. I’m never interested in developing my images ‘on the go’ however what I would love to be able to do is is do all the captioning and keywording on my iPad. This isn’t possible in LR Mobile.

    Are you aware of any workrounds or third party apps which will make this possible? Add metadata and keywords and sync that back to the LR catalog and the LR Keyword hierarchy.

    I’ve used PhotoSmith app in the past but as it has had no updates in over a year, their website/blog has had no updates for a similar length of time. I am assuming the product is now dead in the water. 🙁 Oh, yeah, and it was/is quite buggy!

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  5. The 500px metadata tip is available on Lightroom 5 too, it isn’t just on CC.

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  6. Auto advance is also turned on when the cap lock key is on. Pressing cap locks is a quick way to turn on and off auto advance.

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  7. I just migrated fro Aperture to Lightroom CC. I have Lightroom installed on my iMac and MacBook Pro. How do I synchronize photos between the two? I was hoping to use the mobile app and be able to work from two computers but I can only do it from one. Would appreciate any feedback.

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    • Hi Alex,

      The easiest approach for what you are seeking to do is to use a large capacity external hard drive, and keep your photos and your catalog on that drive. Then just swap the drive between computers. This way there is only one catalog and one set of photos, so nothing to keep in sync. You just need to be regular and frequent in your backup of that drive.

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    • The auto advance works with all 3 of the Flags, Stars and Color tagging.

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  8. HEY GUYS – another hidden benefit to LRcc/LR6 – You may know this already but… if you allow LR to create its own backups when you close down, it now creates the backup as a ZIP file… this drops my backups from about 2Gb to 350Mb… now how cool is that??!! beforehand I was having to regularly delete the backups (on a SSD) because it filled up so quick… now.. I can forget for a while & not have the annoying “insufficient space” error. VERY HAPPY!

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  9. Am giving up trying to watch this episode – just won’t load since yesterday. Not worth having to wait a minute for 2 seconds of video. i will come back when you get it sorted out.

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  10. Great show, packed with lots of useful tips – thank you. Any chance you could upload these or future shows to YouTube?

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  11. Great format and content by the 2 of you. Props to your production crew too.

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  12. You folks have come up with the perfect ‘must see’ show for all Lightroom users. Thank you. You did two segments of adjusting reader images and I would encourage you to continue with this feature even if it is an add-on to the condensed time allocation for the show. I am sure that others, like me, picked up an incredible amount of valuable tips by watching your post production adjustments. A terrific concept.

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  13. Scott & RC- Thanks for a great first season full of great info. Scott, I used your set up to create custom pages for a book I’m putting together on a recent vacation trip. That tip and your class on the book module in LrCC in kelbyone was a huge help. I have been having problems getting my comments posted. Only about 1/4 seem to get through. I hope you can improve on the posting comments process.


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  14. Great first season! Thanks you for all the super tips and tricks. Enjoy your well deserved 4 weeks off. And I eagerly await the start of Season 2.

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  15. Yes, a good season, a valuable show and a great reminder of all the tips we’ve forgotten as well as the new tips.
    In the new season I’d love to see stuff on:
    – Really good ways to let SMART collections do the heavy lifting
    – having an artist-retoucher as a guest who can show us innovative ways to enhance our landscapes & cityscapes using the retouch brush to dodge & burn, etc, in ways we may not have thought about
    – Whole project demos, from importing to retouch to final prep to print (I know you have classes on this, but it is the stuff like setting up print templates and develop presets that can work together).

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  16. So when will we be able to sync Smart Collections to LR Mobile – and why wasn’t that available from the beginning? Higher priority for me than syncing from multiple catalogues.

    What do you guys think?

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    • @Antonio – +1 on your comment.

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  17. Thank you guys for the amazing content you’re bringing. The show is great and I’m looking forward to the next season! Great job!

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  18. Great season guys! Looking forward to the next one!
    Show format is great, fast moving with tons of tips!
    Thanks for listening!

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