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Seven Way to Move Sliders in Lightroom

Seven ways to move sliders? Really? Yup. There’s probably a way here ya didn’t know about, and it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Hey, it’s possible. 😉

Shooting Tethered Directly Into a Lightroom Collection

Well, the headline pretty much explains this one…so…well…how’s things going with you today? 🙂

Lightroom Opens Its Own Instagram Account :)

That’s right — I’ve got somebody new for you to follow on Instagram 🙂

How to use Crop Guide Overlays

These handy guides can help you when it’s cropping time! (Plus, the video is only 60-seconds, which is awesome!).

Why Lightroom’s New Web Gallery Feature Rocks!

This goes WAY beyond just sharing a collection, and it’s way better than you’d think. 🙂

Part 2: Nik Color Efex Pro 4 to MacPhun Luminar Decoder

Back on Monday I did a post about which filters you’d use in...

DIY hardware trick that gives you hardware control over Lightroom for less. MUCH less!

Hardware boards that give you control over Lightroom’s function...

Nik Color Efex Pro 4 to MacPhun Luminar ‘Decoder Chart’

Happy Monday everybody! With the Nik Collection already dying for some users...

Seven More Handy Lightroom Shortcuts

Does Ya want some more shortcuts? Sure ya, do – who doesn’t want more shortcuts? 😉