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How to Remove Purple and/or Green Fringe (Chromatic Aberrations) in Lightroom

Greetings from beautiful Seattle, where today I’m wrapping up the last...

Make a Second Copy To?

A potentially useful, though often misunderstood feature of the Import...

Choosing Where Your Sync’d Images From LR Mobile Your Phone are Stored on Your Desktop Computer

This is a really helpful tip on putting the auto-imported images you shot with your phone, right where you want them on your computer.

Are You Backing Up Your Lightroom Catalog?

A corrupt catalog could you have starting over from scratch with Lightroom. Here’s how to keep that from happening.

5 Smart Collection Ideas

Happy Friday, everybody! This coming week I’ll be teaching my...

Building a Catalog Dashboard

Following up on my post from last week on copyright status, here’s...

Video Tip: Creating Advanced Smart Collections in Lightroom

Ben Warde’s here with a very cool 60-second tip on creating Advanced Smart Collections 🙂

When To Hit Lightroom’s Auto Tone Button

Hey, before we get to today’s tip, I just wanted to mention that today...

Copyright Status Tip

One of the first steps we take in protecting the copyright of our...

Removing Spots with Lightroom’s Visualize Spots Tool

A cool tip, and the latest cities added to my Lightroom full-day seminar tour.