Here’s a few links worth checking out while you’re web surfing today:

• Bogen has another free webinar on shooting fall colors coming up on September 18.

• Imagenomic’s Portraiture plug-in (very cool by the way) is now available as a Lightroom plug-in as well.

• Interesting blog post by LR product manager Tom Hogarty about Lightroom and Apple’s Snow Leopard.

• David Duchemin was interviewed over at the Lightroom News website

• Peachpit Press has a really neat contest for Photoshop World attendees. Winners get to visit the Neon Boneyard one (early) morning during the conference. Hopefully I’ll get to tag along too :)

• A good friend of mine, Chris Orwig, has a new book out called Visual Poetry. Chris is a very talented photographer and teacher so its definitely worth checking out.

• Plug-in maker, onOne Software released a BIG update to their iPhone app DSLR Camera Remote. That name kinda says it all. It supports Canon and Nikon now and has a whole slew of new features. I just purchased it today and am looking forward to taking a look at it so I’ll make sure I write an update when I do.

Have a great day!

Author: Matt K

Matt is a full time Education Director for the NAPP and Kelby Training. He's a best-selling author of various books on Photoshop and Photography co-hosts the live weekly photography talk show "The Grid" and is co-host of "Photoshop User TV". In his spare time he practices as a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys spending time with his family in Tampa, FL.

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  1. I just wanted to ask you: In Lightroom/Ps you have somewhere the ability to save RAW files as TIFF, PSD, and DNG…but for DNGs, theres: .dng and .DNG
    What’s the difference?

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  2. Rugrln: There is none. Just a matter of preference.

    Matt K

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  3. Thanks for the info Matt!

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  4. I just received my copy of Chris Orwig new book Visual Poetry yesterday and I am very excited about this book. I reviewed all the chapters last night, reading some sections in depth, and I think this book is going to be one of my favorite photography books. Chris also includes several workshop sections in the book where he gives you assignments. He also provides a flickr group for you to submit some of your assignment photos. This book just seems to cover so many aspects of photography that I think will inspire so many photographers.

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