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A few things to check out while surfing the web today:

?DVD Contest Winner – I had a contest yesterday and the winner of my new Lightroom 3 Power Session DVD is Debi Anderson. Congrats Debi! :)

?onOne Software is hosting a series of free webinars

?Lightroom 3.2 is now available as a beta on Adobe Labs.

? For the first time ever, Photoshop World (where me and a bunch of other Lightroom pros will be teaching Lightroom) is selling 1-day passes. So if you can’t swing getting out to the full conference just come out for a day.

?Nik Software’s Viveza 2 Plug-in is now 64-bit friendly

?If you’re looking for some inspiration today check out the landscape and nature photography of Saurabh Deoras. Wow!

Have a great day!

Author: Matt Kloskowski

Matt is the full-time Director of Education for Kelby Media Group and a Tampa-based photographer. He's the Editor-in-Chief of Lightroom Magazine, the lead instructor on the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom LIVE Seminar Tour and author of several best-selling Photoshop books. Matt also hosts the world's top Lightroom blog, LightroomKillerTips.com, where he's built up a massive library of Lightroom videos, presets and tips. In addition to teaching Photoshop, Lightroom and photography seminars around the world, he's an instructor at Photoshop World and one of the full-time staff writers for Photoshop User Magazine.

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  1. Hey Matt,

    So, I installed the Lr3-2 RC on my computer and noticed that it has installed like a whole new application, as opposed to just an update. Does that make a difference?

    Meaning, should I wait until the full releases comes out to make any changes in my catalogs? I just noticed that it sets next to the Lr3 app instead of integrating with it.
    I’m very excited about the filter lock option!

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    • Yep, as long as it’s a release candidate it’ll install a whole new app vs. updating. I’d just use it as a test catalog so you don’t run into issues when the real 3.2 comes out.

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  2. What happened to your presets link?

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  3. Dear Matt, I was wondering all day today what was going on with so many hits to my website, which otherwise is a tranquil and quiet place. Now I know you started it all :)

    Thank you so much for the mention. I am very honored and glad that you found my work worthy of mentioning on your blog.

    Love your tips on LR. Over the years I have learned so many things from you and LR is what I primarily use for post processing. Thank you so much for all the cool tips.


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    • Greatings Saurabh,
      if you have learned so much over ther years from Matt and the guys at kelby Training I can only hope to do the same. Loved your web site.

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  4. I checked Saurabh’s work and you’re absolutely correct: “Wow!” He lives right across the Bay from me and shoots all the places I love. Thanks, Matt.

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  5. Cool stuf today Matt !!! PPL check out the onOne Software archive some very neat stuff there to watch.
    And in a very big WOW to Saurabh Deoras work

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  6. Check out the archive of onOne Software some cool stuff there ppl

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  7. Matt —

    Not you, too.

    You wouldn’t say “where me will be teaching.” Why, oh, why, would you write “where me and a bunch of other Lightroom pros will be teaching”?

    I realize that language changes over time and this construction appears to be one of those changes. But for this old fart the “me and …” construction hurts my head whenever I read it or hear it. It jars. It grates. It’s just plain painful.

    I beg of you: “where a bunch of other Lightroom pros and I will be teaching” next time.

    This is, by the way, a fan letter (he hastens to add). I’m amazed at your photographic sensibility. I marvel at your accessible, friendly, knowledgeable writing. I’m entertained –and I learn something– every time I encounter your work.

    Please, please, though: don’t do the “me and” nasty any more.

    — Chris

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