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Hey there! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and enjoyed the holidays – I know I did. Now that things have settled down, I wanted to share a preset that I created for a family member over the weekend. It’s based on a contact sheet but instead of a lot of photos across and down, I created one with just 2 across and 2 down. Then I added an identity plate right below in the white space and it turned out pretty darn cool. Now I personally used (and like best) the vertical version but I’ve also included a horizontal one too.

Print presets work pretty much like other presets. The best thing to do is just go to your Template Browser in the Print module, right click on “User Templates” and choose Import. Then select the file that you’ve downloaded from here (don’t forget to Unzip it first). Enjoy!

Click here to see a sample of the preset.
Click here to download Matt’s Single Photo Flush Left/Right presets


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  1. Thanks for these! I also like the presets at those are probably my favorite presets that I own.

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  2. Matt,
    I was wondering if you know of a way to create a double lined identity plate without having to create one and import it?
    Just to type in your own and have it be 2 lines…??
    Thanks for any info and love your presets!

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  3. hi matt nice info on this page

    sorry to bug you again but need the layers notes from the dubai course asap before i forget it all to practise when you get a moment

    thank you

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  4. Hey Matt,

    I was also looking for that 2×2 preset, and you had a 4×4 one that was great but I can’t find anymore. Any help?

    I get to see you speak at a TAPPA event here in Tampa in February. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say.


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  5. Hey Matt, I don’t always get time to call by regularly, so for those folk like myself, the preset sample for Dec 29 seems to be the same as for Jan 13 – was this deliberate?

    I was hoping to see the 2×2 preset, but it’s showing up the flush left and right preset instead.

    Great work – thank you

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  6. All of your help with lightroom has been much appreciated.( There is just so much to absorb.)

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  7. Very, very cool. It’s a template for an example one-sheet for potential clients.

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  8. A good one matt.


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  9. Very elegant presentation! Thanks!!!

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  10. Thanks Matt,

    I like this one. Always look forward to your presets.

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  11. The page size doesn’t transfer along with the rest of the settings. I’m guessing it is an 8×10.

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  12. Dennis,

    I made the jump in August of this year and all of the presets I had previously downloaded and used moved into LR2 with no effort on my part.

    Good luck — I am confident that you will like LR2, I luv it!

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  13. Matt,

    Your presets are the greatest and I know all of us appreciate that you share them with us. I am currently using LR V1 and I was wondering, when I make the jump to LR V2 in the next month will the process carry over the presets I’ve installed from you or will I have download them again from the LRKT site and re-install?


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  14. Matt,
    Thanks…I like
    Matt I guess several questions

    Can you from within LR export more then one preset at a time?
    Then how do you save ALL presets…& then where are they located/ or where does LR read from?
    End result need them all on another computer
    I know you have talked about this before..just can not seem to find

    Happy New Year

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  15. Thanks Matt…Merry Xmas :)

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  16. Thanks Matt it is really cool!

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  17. Hi Christer,
    Make sure you’re in the Print module first.


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  18. Christer, try just putting the presets into LR’s “Print Templates/User Templates” folder.


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  19. Error importing “matt’s 2×2 Horizontal.lrtemplate”
    The preset file was the wrong type of preset.

    I’m using Lightroom 2.2

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