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Results from Friday’s “Lightroom Mobile Use” Survey

Here’s the results from Friday’s one-question survey about...

Got a Quick Sec For a One-Question Lightroom Survey?

Hi Gang – I’m back from vacation (took some time off for a trip...

Quick workflow tip

I like to have as much room for images in my Lightroom panels, and so I will...

Dual Monitor Conundrum

So I thought I would share with you a little snag I ran into with Lightroom...

Adobe Releases New Features for Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile

Big news for Lightroom CC users — Adobe just announced the 2015 Release of...

My New Q&A Column in “Lightroom Magazine”

I’m kicking off a new column in the print (and digital) editions of Lightroom Magazine.

Lightroom Mobile Tip: Seeing (and fixing) Highlight Clipping Problems

Here’s a quick tip on seeing if your image has Highlight Clipping, and if it does, how to fix it.

Opt/Alt key is your friend

I know a lot of you folks know this, but it is a great reminder that the...

Something Acting Weird? Try Resetting Lightroom CC’s Preferences

If Lightroom CC is acting wonky, here’s something you can try. Hey, it’s a worth a shot, right?

Skin Softening in Lightroom Quick Tip

A quick tip for skin retouching using a preset of for the Adjustment Brush.