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A Quick before and after

So I thought I would walk you through a quick edit and let you in on my...

My New Lightroom Book (just announced today) Is Very Different Than My Other Lightroom Book

I’ve got a shiny, brand spankin’ new book on Lightroom that’s very different than what I done before.

A Quick Portrait “Finishing Move” in Lightroom

Hi Gang (and Happy Monday). This isn’t some earth-shattering...

Bringing Your Logo into Lightroom (with a transparent background behind it)

Wanna get better at Photoshop? Follow these steps for making a transparent logo that will work in Lightroom. You’ll learn some handy Photoshop stuff along the way.

Shortcut for Keyboard shortcuts

If you are like me, you love keyboard shortcuts but often forget that cool...

Are you taking advantage of Lightroom’s Headless Mode?

If you shoot panos or HDRs, Lightroom CC’s “Headless Mode” can save you a bunch of time. Here’s how.

Something You Need to Know About Lightroom’s Smart Previews

A little clarification and a quick look at what you can/can’t do with Smart Objects.

Greetings from Merry Ol’ England

Hi Gang – sorry for the lack of tips yesterday and today – been...

Lightroom Quick Tip: Changing Your Background Color

Hi gang, and happy Friday! I know we’ve shared this one here before,...

Getting a B&W Before/After of Your B&W Editing

Here’s a quick tip on seeing a before and after of your B&W conversion that makes sense.