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Lightroom in Your Web Browser

Can you imagine editing in a Web browser using the same sliders you do in the Develop Module? Adobe has, and it’s here now (if you choose to use it). Pretty fascinating stuff.

Book Winners, Chicken Dinners, and Our Famous Cyber Monday Deal Finder

Book winners from my Friday giveaway, and an invitation to our 5-minute Cyber Monday deal watch (plus a link to our own Cyber Monday deals). Here’s the link just in case:

I’m Giving Away 5 Copies of my “How do I do that in Lightroom?” Book

I’m giving away 5 copies of my new Lightroom book to celebrate our Black Friday deals!

Clever little “Old School” Lens Flare Trick in Lightroom

It’s a cool old school lens flare video tip from the awesome Kristina Sherk :)

A Few Adjustment Brush Beginner Tips To Kick Our Week Off Right

Just a few handy little quick tips for working with the Adjustment Brush.

Getting Better Results From Lightroom’s Spot Removal Tool

How to have Lightroom automatically pick a different spot to sample from, when you’re not getting the results you want.

Lightroom 6.3 Is Here!

Hey guys – just got the word from Tom Hogarty that Lightroom 6.3 is...

Lightroom Quicktip: Choosing a “Cover Image” For Your Stack

Hi Gang – Happy Monday! Here’s a quick tip for changing the...

Making Sure All Your Images Have Your Copyright Info Embedded

Hi gang – there’s a quick way to go through your catalog and...

Lines and Composition

 Here is a wonderful little tidbit on how lines can affect your...